SummerHill communications
Do you think you should be desktop publishing many of your projects but have no idea what to do to get started?
Did you invest in a system or software but have no time to learn it?
Do you have a particular project you need to get done but have trouble setting aside the time to figure out how to do it?
Do you have a repetitive job that you’d like to be able to do with your desktop system if someone would just get you pointed in the right direction?
Do you do just fine with your page layout programs until you want to get the jobs out of the computer and onto the printed page?
If you can answer yes to these or similar questions, let us help by:
Recommending Software Applications targeted to your project needs.
Designing a Template and/or Custom Documentation for a repetitive project such as a newsletter or a special project such as a manual or directory.
Troubleshooting a Problem with an up-and-running system, such as working with fonts, communicating with printers or converting from one application or platform to another.

Training Staff to use page layout software in general or for a custom project.

let us intertrain you