SummerHill communications
Clear, concise copy with snappy headlines and plenty of breaks for the eye can help make any topic readable.
And, when appropriate, a few anecdotes sprinkled through the copy give it that concrete connection to the reader ’s world that makes it relevant.
With experience in business communications and leisure magazine writing, we can combine elements of both to give an upbeat tone to the subject at hand.
Do You Need a Freelancer?
Workload aside, sometimes an outside writer can bring a fresh perspective to a tired topic and simplify a complex subject more easily than someone who is too close to it.
Research Before Writing
Do you have 100 pages of information that needs to be communicated in 10? Then you need a writer who can condense and simplify.
Do you want to touch on a topic from a variety of viewpoints? Then you need someone who can find and interview the experts and produce a well-rounded result.